Enjoy over 80 games of skill to win tickets for prizes using a game card.  Swipe at each game, see how many play points remain, and how many tickets you have won.  The game card may also be used on the Cranes and Merchandisers.


City Fun Center has around 25 video games including driving simulators as well as target and shooting games.  We also offer 10 free CLASSIC GAMES, from Pacman and Centipede to Streetfighter.


Highway 66 offers the fun and excitement of real bowling action in a smaller, more manageable package. Kids of all ages can enjoy the Ten Pin Tour game, with smaller balls (without holes), bumpers, and lanes ¾ the size of a regular lane, the pins are even smaller too.  Combined with a fun ‘road trip’ theme, four lanes, a full color monitor per lane and more, this provides minibowling at its finest!


TimeFREAK is an exciting attraction that challenges players to frantically race against the clock to push buttons as they light up. Players score points by racing around he control room, pushing buttons as quickly as possible. The more buttons you push before time runs out, the more points you score!

Inside the TimeFREAK game room, players are immersed in a vibrant UV themed room with 3-D props and facades.  Heart-pumping music, sound effects, and voice prompts add to the excitement.

When the game is complete, players exiting the game room will see their scores displayed on the Scoring Monitor and receive a printed scorecard to compare with other players and see how they stack up against the daily, monthly and all time high scores.


Laser mazes are great mini attractions for entertainment facilities. They combine the highly immersive environment of  a laser tag arena with the quick throughput of an arcade game. Players complete an objective while being surrounded by a web of laser beams. Just like in spy movies, they must navigate carefully to achieve a high score and complete their mission.


Laser tag is a highly engaging experience that combines immersive environments and group play. It’s an exhilarating game that allows players to escape reality and enter the fantasy world inside the laser tag arena. The arena is complete with larger-than-life props, detailed murals, effects lighting, vibrant colors, and music. City Fun Center’s state-of-the-art black lit arena— with heart-pumping music and sound effects— features the Zone FEC laser tag equipment.

Laser Tag is an exciting and engaging test of your skills and team dynamics. Each laser tag player is equipped with an electronic vest and phaser. In order to score points, a player will use their phaser to discharge a laser unit and tag their opponents in one of the five sensors located on the vest. Designed for team play, City Fun Center’s laser tag arena divides players into two teams. The object of the game is to score the highest amount of points in the time allotted while protecting your teammates.  We also offer a solo “free for all” for smaller groups.

Inside the briefing room your Game Marshall will go over important safety rules to make sure everyone has a fun and safe experience. Players will then be brought into the vesting room, where they will be fitted with our high tech laser vest with sensors on the front and on the back. Attached to the vest is a holster with a phaser that will emit a laser beam for scoring.

Adventurers are invited to escape a volcanic planet. Laser Tag is space-themed, not war-themed; and Laser Tag games will be segregated to under 12-year-olds only and over 12-year-olds only; so smaller kids won’t be playing with older kids and adults, unless they come to play as a group.

Once inside the arena, you have 10 minutes to tag your opponents and score as many points as you can. Players will maneuver through an abandoned, fog-filled nuclear fuel storage facility to start a preemptive strike against their unsuspecting opponents while trying to stop the opposing teams’ robot from stealing the fuel. Alert players can dodge the oncoming laser tag fire by taking shelter behind walls and robots and barrels. It’s great fun for the entire family, and a great team building exercise for companies/groups. At the end of the game, you can check out your score on the scoreboard outside the arena.

City Fun Center is fantastic for almost any age from six years old and up. To maximize fun, we tell players to wear comfortable clothing and closed-toed shoes.  Dark clothing is highly recommended.

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