GROUPS – New options available upon opening of new location

Admission:           $2.50 per camper / chaperone

Game Cards:        $10 card game card   = 30 points !  ~45 minutes

$15 card  =   45 + 5 bonus   = 50 points ~1 hour 30 minutes

We can also refill game cards “from the cloud” without having to collect the cards.

Ticket Games  range between  1 – 4 points

We have now restricted group game cards from the claw / cranes and prize merchandiser games, but we have added FREE VIDEO GAMES for all groups.

Remember that it also takes some time get prizes at the counter – so plan your time accordingly.


  • Bagged lunches permitted on our outside patio @ no charge
  • Reserve a private room @ $2.50 / camper.
  • Private room rental and pizza, popcorn and soda options available

For groups of 25 or more, please call 858.675.9700 to speak with a team member about dates and availability

SUBMIT AN INQUIRY – Reservations are highly recommended, no deposit required.

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