About Us

The main goal at City Fun Center: have FUN winning e-tickets and prizes !!!! City Fun Center offers over 80 ticket redemption games, plus crane and claw games, instant prize games, skeeball and Connect-4 basketball plus mini-bowling, air hockey, two immersion games and Laser Tag. Our four Highway-66 mini-bowling lanes with automatic scoring, built-in bumpers, balls with no finger holes and no special shoes or rental fee required — just step up and bowl! Try our two immersion games, Time Freak and Laser Frenzy. In the Time Freak control room, attempt to score points by pushing as many lighted buttons as possible before time runs out. In Laser Frenzy, players tag perimeter targets while trying to navigate a web of laser beams.

In Laser Tag, up to 18 competitors can play in a large 2500-sq. ft. arena with custom lighting, fog, and music. State-of-the-art vests and phasers track each person’s score. Laser Tag is space-themed, not war-themed; and Laser Tag games will be segregated by age; so smaller kids won’t be playing with adults, unless they come to play as a group.

The City Fun Center Café features hot dogs, pizza, chicken tenders and more.  City Fun Center now also serves beer and wine.

We offer three unique party packages, Pizza, Bowling, and Laser Tag with private party rooms, party hosts, game cards, pizza, drinks, and popcorn plus tickets and more. We have five party rooms (one that even glows in the dark!) to accommodate all sizes of parties. The center is also the perfect place for family reunions, school groups, day camps, civic associations, religious groups, and other organizations with room for up to 100 guests.

Retro-gamers will love the pinball machines and free old-school video arcade games like Galaga, Centipede, Streetfighter and other classics.

We cater to all ages, adults, couples, and families.

Unfortunately, no outside food or drinks are allowed in the facility.  Make shift parties in the front lobby are forbidden, which includes birthday cakes/cupcakes, presents, and decorations. Please inquire about the use of our private party rooms.

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